bounce play dates

if you can walk, you can bounce!

Play Dates is a 2 hour ticket designed especially for Junior Jumpers (child aged 4 years & below).

BOUNCE is a safe and multi sensory environment for kids to harness balance, coordination, strength and agility in a way that focuses on fun, creativity and self-expression. It is the perfect freestyle playground for kids to progress and develop, inspiring self-expression and social connection in physical activity.

Junior Jumpers are ‘walking age’ kids developing early stage movement skills in balance, coordination and agility. Junior Jumpers are preschoolers who are learning the fundamentals of physical, social and emotional skills, on the way to becoming the freestylers of tomorrow.

Play Dates costs $17.90 and this ticket is available Monday to Friday from 10am – 12pm, excluding weekends and public holidays.

Please note:
– Parents are required to purchase a Play Dates ticket if they wish to jump with their Junior Jumper(s)
*Only access to JJ areas are permitted
– Play Dates is available through online booking and walk-ins from 28 Sep 2020 onwards