1. It’s FUN!
  2. Fully hosted by our awesome Host
  3. Fuss Free – we take care of everything!
  4. It’s in Orchard Road – Centrally located 
  5. Learn awesome tricks 
  6. Access to your own private party room
  7. Up to 2 Hours of trampolining fun with your friends
  8. You can invite more than 9 of your buddies 
  9. Goodie bags included
  10. BOUNCE grip socks included 
  11. Full access to all the best areas of BOUNCE – Children must be above 125cm in height to use X-Park
  12. Great activity to bond with your friends and family
  13. Great memories
  14. Dodgeball action!
  15. Learn to be a ninja at our X-Park
  16. Be the cool kid 
  17. Learn to do a seat drop
  18. Learn to do a back drop
  19. Enjoy our awesome air bag
  20. Do the salmon onto our airbag 
  21. Learn how to wall run
  22. Get exercise / burn calories 
  23. 22 minutes on a trampoline has the same caloric burn as a 30 minute run!
  24. Because you deserved it 
  25. It’s your special day!
  26. Easy to organise 
  27. We can cater to 120 birthday guests
  28. Learn how to do a pike
  29. Be a basketball star and do a slam dunk
  30. Learn how to get up a warp wall
  31. We inspire progression
  32. Lot of snacks and drinks on offer 
  33. We’re fully air-condition! 
  34. We’re weather-proof 
  35. We can do both day and night parties 
  36. We cater to all ages – Yes, even adults 
  37. Learn how to do a 360
  38. Learn how to do a cat twist
  39. Toilets on the premises 
  40. Parking available 
  41. Bring your own birthday cake – no cake-age! 
  42. Relive your childhood
  43. Enjoy our ice cold slushies after your session
  44. All parents deserve a break – hand your children to us 
  45. We serve great coffee
  46. We will even cut and serve the cake for you
  47. Boost your child’s interaction and social skills
  48. Encourage friendships
  49. Celebrate different milestones – as parents and children
  50.  You won’t regret it!

Terms and Conditions Apply